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We Help SME Owners/CEOs & Entrepreneurs

We work with SME Owners/CEOs & Entrepreneurs who want their Businesses to Thrive & their Lives to be in Balance creating what we call Profitable Happiness.

We help you Work Smarter Not Harder, gaining Clarity, Focus & Traction and work with you to transform  your Leadership, Strategy, Systems & Wellbeing which leads to greater Performance, Profitability & Prosperity.


We help hospitality SME owners/CEOs running established businesses, both single-site & multi-site groups facing challenges in growing business and living your best life. You went into business most likely to achieve some goals in life. Do you remember the dreams you had? We see most challenges to involve the lack of one or more of ‘money‘, ‘time‘ and ‘energy‘. Are you experiencing any of these challenges?


Do you have a clear plan to take your business forward? To grow your profitability year after year, so that you are able to build the asset so you can either sell to build wealth or you can enjoy a strong income and have control over the time you spend in your business. Or maybe you bought a business to take on major responsibilities, obligations and liabilities so you could ‘buy yourself a job‘? If you did we recommend you consider going back to being employed as you will live a longer, less stressed life and most likely make more money… or you could choose to run your business in a way that gets you the life you desire

If you chose to go into business to build a business which can give you and give your family the life you desire, then you’re in the mindset of being a business owner. If your business is not performing well and/or you’re not enjoying the life you desire, then you’re in the right place.

It only works though when you want it and you’re ready to be helped and prepared to do the work necessary to transform your current life into the one you desire.

We help owners create profitable happiness…we can help you too.

Do you feel like making money & living life is like walking a tightrope?

balance tightrope


Problems you may be facing:-

  • Losing money or low profit
  • High debt / borrowings, no savings
  • Not paying yourself or lowest pay
  • Business not worth anything
  • Big risks, guarantees & obligations
  • Don’t have any targets or costings
  • Don’t understand financials

Your real fears may be…

  • You may go broke
  • You may lose your home
  • Your loved ones suffer 
  • You may not be able to retire

What you may desire…

  • Enough money to do everything you want to do in life
  • Be able to provide your family with a good life with memorable experiences
  • Work towards financial independence (no debt) and eventually financial freedom (passive income from investments)


Problems you may be facing:-

  • Working high hours every week
  • Can’t get time off or take holidays
  • Have to be present most of the time
  • Can’t delegate or trust team
  • Not spending time with loved ones
  • No time for hobbies & passions
  • No light at the end of the tunnel

Your real fears may be…

  • You have no time for loved ones
  • You never get enough stuff done
  • You don’t know how to manage time
  • You may never be able to change this

What you may desire…

  • Have time to truly live life
  • Be able to choose how much time you spend working in and on your business
  • Have time to spend with your loved ones, especially children & partner 
  • Have enough time to do the things you’re passionate about and dream of doing


Problems you may be facing:-

  • Constantly exhausted
  • Unable to sleep properly
  • Poor eating / nutrition habits
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Mind constantly racing
  • Often emotional & react badly

Your real fears may be…

  • You might die earlier than you should
  • You may have serious health issues
  • You’re carrying a lot of extra weight
  • You want energy to for your loved ones

What you may desire…

  • Have enough energy to fully live life
  • Enjoy good physical health
  • Live a long life, longer than you might if you don’t control your stress…
  • Get out of bed with a spring in your step
  • Enough energy to do things with your kids / grandkids that create memories

Programs & Services

Transform Your Performance, Grow Your Profitability & Build Your Prosperity

We help hospitality entrepreneurs, owners & CEOs thrive, working with you to grow your businesses, whether single-site venues or multi-site groups. Uniquely, we also help ensure you are growing your business to get the life you desire and getting that balance right can be the magic dust that brings happiness, joy & even bliss to life. 

We help entrepreneurs, owners & CEOs within the broader SME community achieve balance between striving for better business results and living the life most owners set out to achieve when they started in business but more often than not, became distracted from achieving. We bring clarity, focus & traction to working smarter, not harder. 

We have spent 2 years talking to hospitality business owners/CEOs to help design a range of services that best allows us to help any size of SME (so $1m up to $200m) by creating three ‘levels’ of support & guidance. For the smallest businesses we provide online training courses & workshops giving flexibility with time & requiring only a small investment. For the large multi-site groups, David offers a limited number of 12-month 1:1 ‘partnering’ opportunities (only 2/month from January 2021) and for the majority of owners, our group program provides a mix of weekly group mentoring sessions together with an online course curriculum. We focus on English-speaking sophisticated hospitality markets in UK, US, Australia, Canada & New Zealand. If you’re in another country and want our help, you’re welcome to join us too! All three services focus on helping business/CEOs transform performance and wellbeing to improve prosperity, happiness & freedom. Find out how by clicking the link below…

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We Help Business Owners/CEOs Operating
Multi-Site Groups & Single-Site Venues Who Want To
Do Better, Be Better & Make-A-Difference

“We’re curious how many hospitality business owners will say on their deathbed…

…that they wish they had spent more time working in their business or… they’ll regret not spending more time with loved ones and looking after their own wellbeing so they got a few more years of life!”

We’re passionate about the hospitality industry. We’re experts in the business of hospitality. We know how to use the various ‘pulleys’ and ‘levers’ of:-

  • inspiring leadership, 
  • strategic planning, 
  • systems and importantly, the latest thinking in
  • wellbeing & happiness

Less than 10% of hospitality businesses are providing their owners with the life they desire. 50% of hospitality business owners have ‘bought themselves a job’ and are often:-

  • paying themselves less than minimum wage, 
  • working 60-100 hours each week to keep things going
  • not getting days off and missing out on holidays
  • not spending time with their loved ones 
  • (that’s the same loved ones they bought the business to spend more time with!)
  • not investing for their retirement
  • (planned to be early, but now they’ll need to work a lot longer)

Often they’ll justify to themselves that it’s ok because they love what 

client matrix

they’re doing. It must be love because they’re probably going to die before their time and in the time they’re alive they are going to miss out on living the life they have. Sound too harsh? It’s our experience that you can’t be too subtle about encouraging people to live their life to the fullest. How many days do you want to 

David is committed to making-a-difference in the industry he has spent more than 35 years at senior levels in big corporates as well as owning his own multi-site group and becoming a multi-millionaire. 

Having established a ‘consulting’ business a few years ago, David realised very quickly that providing ‘answers’ to big corporates was potentially lucrative, but for him, soul-less. He shifted his focus to guiding SME business owners along a path that supported them transforming the performance of their business (resulting in growth in profitability) by transforming the way they ran their business, meaning their own performance, their business behaviours and the way they look after themselves (and their people), their holistic wellbeing. After all, you most likely took on the risk, the liabilities, the obligations and the potential stress of running your own business because you had a ‘game-plan’, an ‘outcome’ for your life that you wanted to achieve. Most business owners get so busy that they forget why they went into business in the first place. So, what’s the answer…

Business Evolution Ecosystem

We Focus On Optimising Your Profitability By Synchronising Your Business Model & Customer Experience With The External Environment You Operate In To Create A Unique Ecosystem That You Can Flourish In.

Working Smarter Not Harder, Focusing On Profitability AND Livability, Making More Money, More Time & Making-A-Difference...

Most business owners tell us they’ll get around to planning for their success when they have more time. Have you heard this before, or have you thought this yourself? Is it a thought, or is it the way you run your business too? If you went into business to be busy then that’s great. You may also have been confused by the spelling of the word ‘business’ and thought it was ‘busyness’ with a ‘y’, meaning you were meant to be just busy, not profitable, not building the value of your business, not being able to choose how many hours you work ‘in’ and ‘on’ your business and how much time you spend with your loved ones and doing things you love doing. Not to mention ‘making-a-difference’ which you probably want to do one day, when you have more time…. if any of this resonates with you then keep scrolling. You might change your life…

Making Decisions & Taking Action Will Move You Forward

Are you clear which 2-3 steps to take next to get to where you want to go?

Stepping Stones

Hope” will not grow your business. Strategic planning, leadership, employee engagement, systems & performance management will grow your business. Or you could buy a lottery ticket. Your choice. Your responsibility! What do you want to achieve? What sort of life do you want? What’s your destination? How many steps will it take to get there?

How much do you need to change your business model and your customer offer to be successful?

If you were involved in the bushfires or floods you might need to rebuild or repair.

If you are dealing with COVID restrictions and the impact on your trading environment, you my need to re-imagine, re-design or re-position your business.

Then you’ll focus on re-opening and re-launching so that you optimise profitable sales. 

You can grow your profitability in tough times but it requires a plan!

Performance Ladder

David Carruthers


David is passionate about business ownership being a path to create the life you want to create. Right now, that journey is being challenged by the pandemic and the various restrictions which have been implemented to deal with it. David is providing an online masterclass series by webinar to provide tips & hacks to help owners navigate looking after their wellbeing through to business survival strategies and growth-focused strategies too. He offers 2 group programs, “Grow My Hospitality Business” and “Create Profitable Happiness” for SME owners to help balance business & life & to grow through working smarter not harder. David has a theme of including wellbeing transformation strategies within his work with business owners because he allowed his own wellbeing cup to empty a few years ago resulting in 5 hospitalisations in 12-months. It took him 2-3 years to recover from that. He’s passionate about owners looking after their own wellbeing so they can perform at their highest level & get the results they need to build the life they want. When SMEs collectively thrive, the economy thrives and right now that’s what we need. 

David was headhunted by one of Australia’s largest corporates  from London to Melbourne in 1999 to establish what would become Australia’s second largest hospitality group from scratch through the acquisition of individual businesses to create one single company. He recruited the leadership team, developed a growth strategy & culture and business & tech systems to operate all the venues consistently. All achieved in 8 months in a ‘hostile environment’. Everything he had learnt in the preceding 20 years contributed to what he was able to achieve. He then spent more than 12 years developing his own hospitality group, consisting of multiple businesses & properties. He became a multi-millionaire within 5 years. He was asked to be president of his local business chamber by his peers for 4 consecutive years, leading mainly hospitality, tourism & bricks & mortar retail. He was later asked by his peers & local government to establish a tourism association and became founding president, developing a strategy with government agencies & the membership. More about David’s skills, knowledge & experience here


Do We Focus On
What We Do?

Put quite simply, David wants to see a world with more thriving & successful SME owners. He wants to see a world where SME owners are seen as the important local economic engine rooms they are and often the glue that holds communities together. 

He now shares his skills, knowledge & experiences as a multiple business owner who became a multi-millionaire and also led two business associations over 7 years after a successful 15-year corporate career which he climbed the ladder to be CEO. 

He is here to help business owners bring their dreams to life and to create the life of their dreams. Prosperity, happiness & freedom.


Do We Serve &
Provide Value To?

We Work Directly With SME Business Owners / CEOs 
Mainly In Hospitality, Tourism And Bricks & Mortar Retail

  • Single Site Business Owners
  • Multi-Site Group CEOs & Owners

We Also Provide Programs To SME Owners Through:-

  • Business & Industry Associations & Peak Bodies
  • Small Business & Economic Development Teams
  • in Cities, Councils, State & National/Federal Governments
  • Advisory Firms


Work Do We Do
With Clients?

We Help Our Clients Transform Their Prosperity & Happiness

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Performance & Accountability
  • Strategy & Systems
  • Wellbeing & Happiness 
  • Leadership & Engagement
  • Customers & Strategic Marketing
  • Time, Money & Energy
  • Purpose, Values & Vision
  • Making-A-Difference
  • Technology & Sustainability


Do We Deliver
Our Services?

We designed our services to be provided online when David was planning to be speaking in several different countries.

Whilst the pandemic prevented David from travelling, many business owners who were previously reluctant to use online services have become familiar using them during 2020. 

As long as you have reasonable internet bandwidth you can access David’s support & guidance, through online training courses, his group program or 1:1 owner/ceo partnering program. 

How Are You Performing Right Now?

This Is A Good Starting Point For A Conversation About Your Performance & Wellbeing.

For both your business performance and your wellbeing, select the word that resonates most closely
with your current situation. How much improvement would you like to see in 6-12 months time?


THRIVING… you’re more profitable than your industry average, your business is valued at the higher end of your industry range and you have a leadership team running all day-to-day operations with clear KPIs & accountabilities.

STRIVING… you’re heading to “thriving” but not quite there yet. You have some things in place but not all

STUCK… you’re profitable, but lacking direction, purpose and vision for your business. Literally not sure what to do next to move forward.

STRUGGLING… you’re losing money or just breaking even and you’re peddling fast but going backwards and you’re concerned about your future.

SUFFERING… you’re broke or going broke, worried your landlord will kick you out, scared of going bankrupt, the bank taking your house. Your wellbeing is also depleted and it’s impossible to see light at the end of the tunnel. 



THRIVING… you’reeling happy, energised, positive, calm, sleep well, loving life & strong relationships & feeling genuine happiness & joy. This may be the first time in your life all of these things have been present at the same time.

STRIVING… you’re on the way to thriving and have meaning, purpose & direction, knowing how you’re feeling & how to make yourself feel better, healthier and filling your wellbeing cup

STUCK… you know you’re impacted by everything going on around you, but you don’t know how to move forward & make this better. Fear of failing is on your mind. 

STRUGGLING… you’re either on your way up from suffering or you’re heading down and realising how you’re feeling. 

SUFFERING… you can’t remember a time when you felt so bad. You’re stressed, exhausted, short tempered, physically unwell, not sleeping & in fear about your future.

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David has produced this free masterclass series to help SME owners in hospitality and also tourism & bricks & mortar retail, learn some strategies that may help transform performance and balance wellbeing.

If you wish to find out more about the programs David offers, he suggests choosing one of the masterclasses first and see whether you feel you’ll get value from working with him and then booking a strategy call, details in each of the masterclasses.