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If you're a professional manager / executive or entrepreneur / business owner who wants a different outcome than you're currently getting, join over 5,000 hospitality business leaders engaged with our work.





My Vision, My 'Why'

To inspire business, community & civil society leaders to demonstrate integrity, authenticity & courage in bringing together humanity with nature & planet to create a more sustainable world in which our future generations can prosper and be happy.

David Carruthers

We Focus On Helping These Leaders...Do You See Yourself Here?


You've created a business from scratch, developed & opened a concept, something new.

Business Owners

You've taken over or bought an existing business which has a concept and a customer base

General Managers

You're employed as a general manager by a multi-site group or a single-site business owner

Multi-Site Group Execs

You're a leader in a group running several, possibly 100s & 1000s of hospitality venues.

In These Industries...


Leaders of cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and event & catering businesses whether single-site businesses or multi-site groups


Leaders of industry associations, F&B venue based customer experience focused businesses.


Leaders of tourism associations & destination or venue based tourism businesses


Leaders of leisure industry associations & venue based leisure businesses


Leaders of single site & multi-site hotel groups & accommodation businesses

My Core Values That Guide My Decisions & Action

Values model

If you work with us we’ll work through a process that will help you clarify your own core value system, which will guide your decision making and be the essence of you. Our values are deep and rarely change through life, though life events can change them. We all have different value sets. If you’re not aware or conscious of your own values, you’re still making decisions and life choices as a result of the values you don’t yet know! Better to know.

The Mission I've Set My Consulting Practice is...

To Make A Difference In The Hospitality Industry By Utilising My Skills & Knowledge, Expertise & Experience To Help Leaders BEE™ Happier & More Successful...

For business owners & entrepreneurs in developed western nations, with ‘sophisticated’ hospitality offers, about 50% of businesses fail within 12-months, 80% within 5-years and only 10% make it beyond their 10th birthday. It’s bad for business owners obviously, but also bad for the economy. 3 of the top 5 reasons for them failing are:-

  • lack of cashflow
  • lack of strategic planning
  • serious illness (lack of health!)

Whilst government departments list these 3 reasons separately, I believe that lack of strategic planning often leads to lack of cashflow which leads to stress & serious illness! 

My practice makes a difference by supporting owners & entrepreneurs (and their managers) in getting better results in business (survival, profit, sale value) and life (wellbeing & life-balance) so their business prospers and the economy benefits from more businesses surviving.

For multi-site groups the challenges are different partly depending on their size:-

Smaller multi-site groups still ‘driven’ by their founder/owner/entrepreneur:-

  • may be challenged by cashflow / growth funding or
  • by the founders lack of time to develop leaders or
  • the founders need to be a different type of leader now than before
  • or the ability to find & develop future leaders for venues and
  • many, many other challenges associated with strategic growth
  • and what their end-game is
  • I created my own small multi-site group which I ran for 12+ years
My practice makes a difference by supporting the growth journey, helping founders & leaders develop leadership teams, strategies & systems while helping them avoid burning out.

Larger multi-site groups, with thousands, or certainly hundreds of venues:- 

  • may struggle to be responsive to market needs
  • or create an entrepreneurial mindset in their operators or
  • may struggle to develop concepts that are relevant or
  • focus more on their property RoI than their people RoI or
  • may burn-and-churn their leaders rather than train-to-retain or
  • not have a process to develop talent as future leaders
  • struggle to balance trust-to-grow with controlling-risk
  • I climbed the corporate multi-site group career ladder to CEO
My practice makes a difference by offering exec leadership teams the opportunity to develop a more responsive, entrepreneurial approach with a focus on wellbeing & life-balance, to general managers, area managers & even themselves! 

How Do "YOU" Feel Right Now?

This isn’t a detailed assessment & evaluation of you or your business! But it is a useful conversation starting point.

Which of the words shown on this ‘ladder’ feels like you & your situation for each of your ‘business performance’ and your own ‘life-balance & wellbeing’? 

I AM...

How Do You Feel About Business Performance?

How Do You Feel About Your Life-Balance & Wellbeing?

Are You Facing Any
Of These Challenges

Business Owners | General Managers | Area Managers
Multi-site Group Execs | People & Culture Teams

Making a difference is my main mission in life. For me, making money bought me time freedom enabling me to get involved in my community and make a meaningful contribution.

I got involved in two key charities, my team & I  produced about 3,000 arts & music events and I held leadership roles in my business community. You’ll have your own ways you want to make a difference & contribute too.

About David & His Practice

My mentoring & consulting practice provides me the opportunity to help business leaders become more successful and happier. Ask yourself, "could I be more successful & happier"? Success is whatever you say it is, but it's not just success in business. Happiness is contagious. If you're happier, everybody in your business will be too. But we start with you! I have a framework that I use with you and we prioritise the areas that will get greatest results.

I work with hospitality business leaders as well as tourism, leisure and F&B business leaders where there's a strong hospitality component. Business leaders for me are entrepreneurs, owners, general managers, area managers, COOs & CEOs. If you're a profit responsible business leader operating one or many, let's talk!

My consultancy practice still does 'strategic projects' with larger organisations & multi-site groups, but I wanted to make a difference to the multitude of mainly business owners & GMs who are stuck or struggling to grow their business, protect their own wellbeing and create a level of life balance. AKA Success & Happiness.

Individual business leaders didn't have the budgets that the bigger companies had but I wanted to help as many leaders as I could, so I developed two mentoring options that allow business leaders to work with me 1:1 or in a group, over a period of time, normally anything from 3 to 12 months. This allows me to share my 40 years of big group and business owning entrepreneurial expertise to help leaders move from surviving to thriving.

My last 'proper job' was as CEO of a quarter-billion (in today's money) multi-site group that I was asked to set-up from scratch and for which I was headhunted from London to Melbourne to do so in the last Century! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to set up my own small multi-site group over a 12-year period which made me a self-made multi-millionaire within 5 of those years, despite money never bring my driver.

I also had the pleasure of representing my business & industry peers as presidents of both a 'chamber of commerce' and a tourism association, for 4 years and then 2 years, respectively.

During that time I also 'successfully achieved' a major burn out that cost me a few million dollars & almost my life! This gave me a deep understanding of 'wellbeing' as I invested 2-3 years, recovering my own health & wellbeing, which inspired me to incorporate it in my practice.

These days I’m trying to be the wise old owl on the tree branch and guide & support the hawks who want to go on the hunt! That's you! 🙂 I'm here to help you do well, be well & make a difference. Success and Happiness become the outcome...

Our "What" is our Business Evolution Ecosystem or BEE

Inside the BEE™
"black box"...

This is our Business Evolution Ecosystem ‘black box’. This is how you engage with the external world, in a way that allows you to both evolve your business ‘offering’ to customers to ensure you remain relevant & profitable AND evolve as a leader to make those things happen in your business & focus on your own wellbeing & life-balance. It’s pretty cool…

Business Results

Within 100-days you'll take short-term action to improve profit & develop a strategy for future growth.


Within 100-days you'll take action to improve your wellbeing & understand the action to keep taking


Within 100-days you'll get clarity, focus & traction on all aspects of your life, starting to create balance.


Until we chat with you, it's difficult to assess which of our services might get you the best results. Scroll down and see what interests you & click to find out more

1:1 mentoring

Ideal for owners, entrepreneurs, general managers and area managers.

group mentoring

enrolling now for start in July, this group format is easy & affordable for everybody

multi-site group services

we offer both mentoring & strategic consulting services to groups


One-on-One 3-Months Mentoring

Grow My Business, Balance My Life

Available Now – 4 places per month

  • entrepreneurs, owners, GMs, AMs
  • 3-months one-on-one mentoring
  • 6 x fortnightly 90-minute sessions
  • supported by online training resources
  • completely customised to your needs
  • learn how to grow your business
  • improve your leadership skills
  • learn how to be more strategic
  • learn how to work ‘on’ your business
  • improve your wellbeing & longevity
  • set goals with clarity, focus & traction
  • create the life-balance you want
  • learn how to be happy more often!
  • client support business hours
  • David is like your silent partner
  • we’ve got your back!

Group Mentoring Program

Grow My Business, Balance My Life

Launches July 2022
(First 10 enrolled get EXTRA 6-months FREE)

  • 6-months then monthly as required
  • weekly group mentoring sessions
  • choose all or some of these outcomes
  • learn business growth strategies
  • learn how to be a better leader
  • learn how to improve your wellbeing
  • learn how to set goals for success
  • create the life-balance you want
  • learn how to be happy more often!
  • supported by an online curriculum
  • client support business hours
Designed For Hospitality Business Leaders

Custom Mentoring & Strategy Consulting Services

Multi-Site Groups

Examples of some of the consulting & mentoring services we can provide:-

  • bespoke in-house group mentoring for
    • general managers
    • area managers
    • leadership teams
  • CEO mentoring for:-
    • new CEO first 100-days 
    • during strategic review
    • during high rate of change
  • Leadership reviews
  • Strategic reviews
  • Integration strategy during M&A’s

Please book a call and we can discuss your specific needs & challenges…

Who & How We Serve

Success & Happiness…
Do Well, Be Well, Make-A-Difference

We support companies operating multi-site groups and single-site businesses. We work with business owners, general managers, area managers, CEOs & exec leadership teams.

We help you get better business results, be happier in your life and make-a-difference in your world.

We focus on leadership development & strategic planning to transform performance & profitability and ‘walk with you’ in executing your plans

We offer a life-balance & wellbeing improvement program specifically designed to help leaders live life to the full and avoid stress & burnout

We design bespoke in-house leadership development programs for multi-site groups wanting to truly invest in their profit-generating leaders.


Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

You're the owner of an existing hospitality, tourism or leisure business, maybe a single site or maybe a few locations (ie a small multi-site group).

You're possibly feeling stuck, like you're struggling to move forward or even overwhelmed by what you're facing. You need help boosting performance / profit and developing a strategy to take you forward.

Business General Managers / Area Managers

You're employed as either a general manager responsible for a single venue or you're an area manager responsible for several venues.

You want to improve your performance for one or more reasons. Your company is happy to fund your development or you're choosing to invest in yourself to progress your career, earn your bonus or save your job.

Bespoke Programs
Multi-Site Groups

I'm committed to helping you do well, be well & make-a-difference in your world

David Carruthers

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your shoelaces? 🙂 If you’re focused on business performance, then you’ll see profit improvement within 4-12 weeks, sometimes earlier depending on how much low-hanging fruit there is to pick. It will take 2-3 weeks for you to put actions in place that will change your results. With the life-balance & wellbeing group program which is 100-days long, participants see results in some aspects of life within 4 weeks and most aspects within the 100-days. What you put in to the programs you’ll get out too. 

Well on top of his experience which we’ll mention later, he’s got an MBA, a post-graduate diploma in strategic marketing, he’s got a diploma in leadership coaching & mentoring, a TAE (certified trainer & facilitator) and he’s been invited to teach some of the business modules on a masters degree in hospitality entrepreneurship in 2023. That’s on top of him being headhunted from London to Melbourne as CEO to set up a multi-site group, then build his own multi-site group for 12 years becoming a multi-millionaire within 5-years. He also has more leadership experience being president of two business associations, a board member of the Port Phillip Eco-centre and he spent 2015 completing a leadership fellowship program with the Centre for Sustainable Leadership.

Good question. There’s a couple of answers to this. Firstly, they get used interchangeably a lot and what one country calls a mentor another country calls a coach. But for our purposes, mentoring is when somebody with expertise in your industry helps guide you to greater success than you would have experienced had they not been there. Technically, a coach could have expereince outside your business type and work with you using questioning techniques to encourage you to work out the answer. David uses both mentoring & coaching techniques with clients depending on the particular situation. His aim is to get you to work out how to solve your problems but sometimes we just need a bit more expert guidance to get us there and he’s got 40+ years of expertise to share with you.

Well, let’s say you don’t do enrol in mentoring and you carry on being as busy as you are. Right now, you’re not getting the results you want to get, right? So, what’s actually going to change for you? If you want different results you’ve got to take different  action. Best way to check this out is to book a strategy call with David and find out what he thinks is possible for you and your business. He will tell you very quickly if he doesn’t think he can help you. It’s not in his interest to waste your time or his own. He’ll give you a good idea if he thinks he can help you increase your profit and work with you to develop a stratgey to move forwards.

The World Health Organisation says “health” is ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’. Often in the media we hear wellbeing only being associated with mental health. We work with what we call a holistic version of wellbeing which covers physical, emotional, psychological, mental, social & spiritual wellbeing. David is accredited to deliver the GLWS wellbeing measurement & development tool. He became passionate about wellbeing when he lost his and almost his life, then embarking on a 2-3 year journey to recover his health & wellbeing. 

We know that hospitality roles are often pretty full-on, with not only big hours but also what most people call unsocial hours. With the life-balancing actions, we run through a goal-setting process using a framework that looks at 12 separate aspects of life and what you want from each. David helps you get clarity, focus & traction for each aspect. This is a really powerful experience.


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