ABOUT David...

Below is an overview of David’s corporate, entrepreneurial and community leadership experience which demonstrates how he has built up his unique collection of skills, knowledge & experience which has created a level of expertise in performance transformation through leadership, strategy, systems & wellbeing enables him to be of service to SME business owners/CEOs directly & indirectly through associations & advisory firms.

Strengths & Passions

David leads his practice to help leaders live their best life and make the difference they were born to make. He believes they will do so when their cup is full (wellbeing) and they’re delivering results (performance) so he helps them get these parts of their lives and careers working at optimum level. He’s a strategic business growth expert whose personal wellbeing journey has provided him with significant expertise in this area too. He wants to change the world for the better and believes the best way he can influence this is to help (leverage) other leaders to change the world for the better too! 

Corporate Experience

David spent 14 years climbing the corporate ladder to achieve his goal of becoming a CEO

David spent 14 years climbing the corporate ladder from graduate trainee to CEO. He joined Bass in 1987 as a graduate management trainee and left the corporate world as the CEO he had set out to become, to then become the entrepreneur he really always wanted to be. Along the journey he scored a few goals, faced some challenges and learnt a lot. 

David was always a bit of a maverick in the corporate world, possibly because he didn’t enjoy the politics and game-playing that increased the higher up the ladder he climbed. He prefers to focus on helping SME (<AUS$200m) owners & executives move forward when faced with challenging times. 


During the pandemic we are seeing examples of amazing leadership, along with examples of how not to do leadership.


Strategy will be a key element in the mix for those businesses that move through this crisis from surviving to thriving.

Entrepreneurial Experience

David started his first business aged 14 and after Uni, he got distracted by the corporate world for 14 years and returned to entrepreneurship at 35.

David had set himself the goal of becoming a millionaire by the time he was 30 when he was in his late teens. He became a multi-millionaire within 5 years of leaving the corporate world. He is now very clear that money alone doesn’t bring happiness. All the research confirms this. 

This video was filmed on David’s roof terrace in 2005. Courtesy of Sony Australia. (note: may be unavailable in some countries)


Community & Volunteering

David got heavily involved in his community throughout his entrepreneurial years. He became closely connected with two homelessness organisations and a children’s cancer charity. He loved becoming a great supporter of the arts in his community and facilitated over 3000 arts & music events over a 12 year period enabling a lot of up-and-coming talent to be seen. He was also elected by his peers to be president of a business association for 4 years and a tourism association for 2 years, acting as an advocate for SMEs and developing strategies with Council, State Government & others. 

Wellbeing & Happiness Focus

David is passionate about helping leaders recognise the impact their roles & environments may have on them & to transform them

David had already achieved his corporate career goal of becoming a CEO and then his entrepreneurial goal of becoming a multi-millionaire before he was 40. He felt pretty happy. He didn’t really know what ‘wellbeing’ was back then! But, he’d discover what wellbeing was all about when his was destroyed. 

It would be his role as president of a business association in St Kilda that would start the process of destroying his wellbeing after he accidentally caused a halt to a $400-500m shopping centre development on Crown Land that was meant to be the precedent to a dozen other coastal Crown Land (Australian ‘publicly’ owned) sites being ‘handed over’ to a group of developers well known to Government Ministers, people you’re not supposed to get in the way of! The end result being David was subjected to what, at the time, appeared to be randon events taking place that hurt his businesses and as a result increased his stress levels over a 2-3 year period to the point he was hospitalised 5 times in 12-months, having tumors removed, cardiac & kidney issues. He essentially burnout to the point his organs were closing down. In October 2013 he had a ‘near death’ experience and his final hospitalisation. 

It was only in early 2015 that he was diagnosed with the symptoms of PTSD and his journey to understand wellbeing through essentially trialling & testing  various strategies, tips & hacks through 2015 & 2016 that he recovered and enhanced his own wellbeing. Having learnt so much about wellbeing, he started to include work on wellbeing in his business performance consultancy he’d started in 2017 and became accredited to deliver the GLWS leadership wellbeing tool in 2018. 

He has now integrated wellbeing and performance transformation for business leaders and offers online mentoring programs & online training courses sharing this knowledge and helping leaders incorporate it in order to improve prosperity & happiness. 

David takes a holistic view of wellbeing, incorporating the ‘whole human being’ with physical, emotional, psychological, mental, social & spiritual wellbeing all coming together to create a full wellbeing cup. When we measure wellbeing using the GLWs tool and develop plans to improve it, we look at wellbeing at work and out of work across these 6 core aspects:-

Stepping Stones

Take The Steps To Build A Business As Unique As Your Fingerprint By Reinventing, Redesigning & Repositioning (Evolving) Your Business To Better Match Your Own Business Ecosystem, Adapting & Pivoting To The Changes & Shocks We Face...

We look at your business through the lens of the 9-Pillars of the Business Evolution Ecosystem

Leadership & Engagement

Develop or create your leadership team and engage your employees

Customers & Strategic Mktg

Identify & focus on your most profitable customers & products

Technology & Sustainability

Use tech to do things better & tread gently on the Earth

Strategy & Systems

Effectiveness & efficiency, agility & pivotable, clarity, focus & traction

Performance & Accountability

Measure what you want to change & have somebody own that change

Time, Money & Energy

Our key resources must be wisely used to get the results we want

Values, Vision & Purpose

Engage people creating something bigger than just making money

Wellbeing & Happiness

Build your business to have the life you want, not buy a stressful job...


Make-the-difference you were born to make & create a legacy...