Future of Hospitality™
Next Free 2-Hour Strategy Workshop

Thursday 30-June

You’re invited to take part in my 2-hour stratey workshop designed for hospitality business leaders who are feeling a bit stuck, maybe struggling with how to deal with the unprecedented challenges we’re facing right now (and are going to get worse).

You just need to sign-up and turn-up! Sounds easier than it is because once you sign-up you’ll be thrown some curve balls inside your business, day-to-day tasks that might attempt to distract you, and prevent you from turning up!

I’m going to show you a range of strategies that can be use mitigate some of these risks and you’ll be able to pick from the menu (pun intended) the ones you want to further consider after the workshop.

Once you sign up we’ll send you reminders, not to annoy you but to give you every bit of encouragement to avoid distractions preventing you from getting there!

See you soon… David