"We Help SME Business Owners & CEOs Transform Performance & Wellbeing To Achieve Greater Prosperity, Happiness & Freedom"

The GLWS (Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey) Is A World Class Wellbeing Measurement Instrument Designed Specifically For Business Leaders & We Include A GLWS At The Start & Finish Of Our 12-Month Individual (1:1) & Group Performance Transformation Programs. For Those Wishing To Dip Their Toes In The Water First, We Offer A Stand-Alone GLWS Assessment & 90-Minute Strategy Session Giving You The Data & Action Plan To Execute On Your Own (Or With Our Help If You Prefer).

David is passionate about helping business leaders transform their lives through achieving a balance between performance AND wellbeing. During the last 30 or so years he built skills, knowledge & experience through:-
  • a 15-year senior corporate career which saw him achieve his goal of becoming a CEO, followed by
  • a 12-year entrepreneurial journey which saw him achieve his goal of financial freedom, becoming a multi-millionaire within 5 years &
  • being president of two business associations over a 7-year period, being elected by his peers
David has performed at the highest levels and his strengths in leadership, strategy & systems brought him much success. That said, when he faced some major challenges a decade into running multiple businesses, he ended up hospitalised 5-times in 12-months, spent 6-months wanting to take his own life and being diagnosed with PTSD.

David made a conscious choice to ‘live’ in 2013. That choice started a journey of recovery which took him 2-3 years to regain his health & wellbeing. In financial terms, the impact of his health challenges cost him about $10m. David learnt a number of strategies that helped him transform his health & wellbeing and achieved such amazing results that he chose to include this work within his consulting business.

“There’s a lot of successful business people in the graveyard

If you choose to work with David on one of his group programs or individual transformation programs, you’ll get the benefit of a GLWS at the beginning and end of the program. David’s passionate about leaders working on their own wellbeing and he offers a stand-alone wellbeing assessment & strategy session for those who are unsure about committing to a 12-month program, don’t have the budget right now or just prefer to get the data & the plan and do it themselves. 

David became accredited to deliver the GLWS instrument. He added a diploma in leadership coaching & mentoring as well as certification in training & facilitation to his ‘toolbox’. With his unique combination of corporate & entrepreneurial skills, knowledge & experience and his MBA and post graduate diploma in marketing, you’ve got a highly qualified, proven business expert with a genuine desire to see you balance results & wellbeing.

David is accredited to deliver the GLWS ‘instrument’ which helps provide the starting point to transform your wellbeing. As you know all too well, what you measure you can manage. You complete an online questionnaire which will produce a 16-page detailed analysis of your wellbeing now, based on 6 key areas focusing on wellbeing at work and at home. Some things won’t surprise, you others likely will. The results are normally produced with 1-2 business days and you’ll be notified when the report is completed so that you can book your 90-minute debrief, feedback and strategy session, the outcome of which will be an action plan that you can begin to execute on your own. If you decide within 30-days of your strategy session that you’d like help and support through the individual or group programs David deducts the price of the GLWS from the program investment. 

David is accredited to deliver the GLWS ‘wellbeing measurement instrument’ to help business leaders understand their current wellbeing position across 6 key areas at work and at home. This becomes the starting point to transform wellbeing and when your wellbeing cup is full or on the way to becoming full, you can perform at much higher levels. Whilst David includes a GLWS at the beginning and end of his 1:1 and group leadership development programs (more info here) he also offers the GLWS

.We work with you over a 12-month period to help you transform your performance AND your wellbeing.

We help you gain clarity, strategic focus & traction so you can achieve results without digging your own grave getting them!

We specialise in helping SME CEOs/Owners transform their performance
& wellbeing so they can achieve greater prosperity, happiness & freedom.









We Are Giving Away 25 x $997 Leadership Wellbeing Assessments


If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Transform It

The GLWS is a leadership wellbeing diagnostic mostly used by the big corporates for their leaders. When David discovered it, he saw its potential to help SME Owners/CEOs who were on their way to burnout and experiencing lower levels of performance as a result. He got himself accredited to deliver it. 

What Is The GLWS?

It’s an instrument, a tool, a diagnostic to measure leadership wellbeing at home and at work across 6 aspects of wellbeing we talk about below. It has been developed specifically for leaders and we are accredited to deliver it to you and provide you with feedback and help you develop an action plan to improve one or more aspects of your wellbeing.

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When Can I Do This & How Often?

You can book & pay for your GLWS on this page. Within 24 hours you’ll receive details showing you how to complete the online questionnaire. Within 2-3 days of completing the questionnaire we’ll receive your results and you can book a 90-minutes 1:1 online debrief and leadership coaching & strategy session with David. You can choose to repeat in 3-mths to 1-year.

Why Use The GLWS Wellbeing Tool?

So much more is understood about how much better we perform when our ‘wellbeing cup’ is full. Life generally and business leadership in particular can create leaks in our wellbeing cup that drain us over time. It’s a cumulative impact and if we don’t refill our wellbeing cup, we can eventually run dry and reach burnout or worse. The GLWS enables us to identify precisely which parts of your wellbeing are depleted and would benefit from focused attention & action. Without the tool being completed we don’t have the data and identified target areas.  

How Do You Measure Wellbeing With GLWS? 

The GLWS is an online questionnaire with 161 questions producing a 16-page digital report, rating your wellbeing across 6 aspects at both work & home. 

Measuring your wellbeing in such a way enables us to target the areas of your wellbeing which you can choose to work on and create significant improvements in how you feel and how you perform. You may not recognise yourself when you take the action this tool helps you target.



David is accredited to deliver the GLWS leadership wellbeing measurement & feedback tool, designed specifically for leaders.

The Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) is an instrument that’s been designed to measure your wellbeing, across the 6 aspects listed in the GLWS Framework opposite, at work and outside of work too. 

GLWS eReport

When you purchase your wellbeing assessment, we’ll send you a link to access the GLWS online portal, enabling you to complete your online survey of 161 questions. We receive your 16-page detailed analysis normally within 1-2 business days and we then send you a link to book your personal 90-minute debrief & strategy session. You’ll get access to David’s calendar so you can book a mutually convenient time normally within 2 weeks. We’ll send you an electronic version of the 16-page report prior to your strategy session.

We use a password-protected Zoom online video conference room to run your strategy session and we’re able to share your report on the screen.  



GLWS WB Framework


Debriefing Your 16-Page Detailed GLWS Report

You and David will meet through Zoom to debrief your GLWS, enabling you to get clarity about opportunities to transform your wellbeing.

Sometimes these results will confirm your own suspicions and sometimes they’ll be a surprise. As with anything in business & life, if we can measure it, we can manage it. 

The GLWS wellbeing profile summary sheet (example shown) helps us identify areas of your wellbeing that you want to do work on, whether at work and/or out of work, allowing us to deep-dive into the 6-specific aspects. 

We identify the areas you’re thriving in so you can protect them as well as the areas for improvement, allowing you to balance, evolve or transform.

GLWS Wellbeing Profile
GLWS Image of report page for resilience and equanimity

Your GLWS 16-page detailed wellbeing analysis provides us with a summary sheet with your wellbeing profile enabling us to easily identify those areas of your wellbeing in which your wellbeing cup is full and those areas that may be causing you some pain & suffering. 

For each of the 6 categories we can then deep-dive and review the specific aspect that may be worth focusing on in order to improve it, whether that’s balancing, evolving or transforming the aspect in question. 

These areas of focus essentially become the markers on the map that enables us to dig deeper to find the golden nuggets that help you create actions that create change and movement forward to greater wellbeing.


Mapping Out The Steps You Will Take

Up until now, the process has been to identify those areas you want to change. Now we create your action plan

Imagine the other side of the lake, where that patch of thick greenery lies behind the tree. All of those stepping stones are the individual actions you ant to take to balance, evolve and transform your wellbeing. 

Being hit by the pandemic is a bit like a speedboat suddenly ploughing down the middle of this lake and smashing some of the steps (actions) out of the way. 

As we build your action plan, we’ll focus on taking the first few steps, to get some traction and momentum, before working out which steps to take next. Once you’re heading in the right direction, having done some work, having completed some actions and got some results, you’ll be able to review your plan and add new steps / actions to your plan.

Being agile, focusing on getting some short term results, achieving your short term goals, will allow you to see what you can achieve on your journey to develop greater wellbeing. 

Throughout this process you’re choosing where you want to do the work, what you want to change and how much change you want to achieve. 

David will guide you through processes which will help you get clarity, focus & traction, helping you to create an action plan that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic with timelines you choose.

Stepping Stones


Taking Strategic Action Towards Greater Wellbeing

Your journey to deliver greater wellbeing will require 3-12 months of work, though you’re likely to feel specific improvements within 1-2 weeks of starting to take action.

Bringing your action plan to life, can be a truly rewarding experience, with behaviours, habits, routines & rituals being formed which will literally change your life. 

As we go through life, we encounter situations & events which deplete our wellbeing. This tends to have a cumulative effect through life, so if we’re not aware of our wellbeing levels and taking action to maintain a full wellbeing cup, we may, over time, increase the level of struggling & suffering we feel. 

You deserve to have a full wellbeing cup, deserve to have happiness & joy in your life and we are committed to helping you achieve the results you want for yourself. 

Wellbeing is the precursor to happiness, joy & greater fulfilment with life. When all aspects of your wellbeing are ‘firing on all cylinders’, you’re better able to deal with the shocks & events that knock some people over.

We recommend you review your action plan every week for the first month as you begin changing existing & creating new habits & behaviours and then at least every 2-4 weeks after that.  

If you find an appropriate accountability partner, this can be done over 

woman taking in the view

a coffee in a relaxed environment, whereby it becomes a regular routine catch-up to help you get traction and hold yourself accountable for the wellbeing transformation you want to achieve.

We are committed to helping you achieve your leadership wellbeing transformation and we hope you’ll want to share what you learn, making-a-difference to the lives of others in your business & those in your life outside of business. 

When you learn how to refill your own wellbeing cup you’ve learnt one of the most amazing lessons in life and one which can bring you peace, joy & bliss and a longer, more fulfilling life. What more could you want?


Now You Can Choose - Do The GLWS-Only & Implement Your Own Plan Or Enrol Into A Group Program Or 1:1 Partnering

Wellbeing Transformation Assessment & Strategy Session (One-off 1:1 Session)

Time for the rubber to hit the road! 

Order & pay for your wellbeing assessment including your detailed 16-page GLWS eReport & 90-minute debrief & strategy session. 

Once you’ve ordered we’ll email you a link to access the GLWS system and complete your confidential personal wellbeing survey.

You can complete the GLWS in your own time and in the comfort of your office or home.

When you’ve completed the online questionnaire it gets verified and we are then notified the report is available. 

We’ll then let you know you can book your 90 minutes 1:1 debrief & strategy setting session. You’ll receive an online invitation to access David’s diary and you can choose a convenient time that suits you.

You and David will then review your eReport which he will send you in advance of the 1:1 session and by the end of the session you’ll be clear about where your wellbeing is right now, across the 6-kay areas at work and at home. You’ll get focus on what action needs to be taken giving you some clear steps you can take on your own. 

We recommend that you choose a period of time, at least 3-months but not more than 12-months, when you run this process again to see how much you’ve achieved. This isn’t mandatory, just useful for your own purpose.

if you decide within 30-days that you’d like to work with David over a 12-month period to transform your wellbeing AND performance then your GLWS fee will be deducted from the 12-month 1:1 program. 

What do we mean by accountability?

  1. Do what you say you’re going to do (keeping promises)
  2. Take responsibility for actions (they’re your actions)
  3. Don’t blame or make excuses (for not getting results)
  4. Review, evaluate & tweak as necessary (refine plan)
  5. Proactively solve problems (valuable learnings here)
  6. Be truthful, open & transparent (develop candour)
  7. Practice humility & apologising when appropriate

Taking Action On Your Own

You’ve got this! You have all the information you need to step forward and transform your wellbeing. Your 90-minute strategy session will provide you with your action plan. 

Taking Action With David’s Encouragement & Inspiration As your 1:1 Mentor

For CEOs/owners of larger businesses, you may want to be held more accountable and pushed a little harder! This program is fully customised to your specific needs.

Taking Action Within David’s “Create Profitable Happiness” Group Program

For SME owners. With access to the online curriculum and weekly group mentoring sessions, you’ll have the opportunity raise your questions and be mentored within the group whenever you want. You’ll also learn a lot from others being mentored and the specific challenges they have. 

1:1 Owner/CEO/C-Suite Partnering Program Performance & Wellbeing Transformation - 12 Months
(inc 2 x GLWS)

Our 1:1 Transformation Program is a fully customised mentoring journey with you & David working together over a 12-months period to transform your performance AND your wellbeing. 

David includes a GLWS assessment at the beginning & end of the program so you get full accountability from him about your wellbeing improvement journey.

You’ll also identify the areas of performance in business (and if you choose, in life) you want to transform.

You’ll have access to an online curriculum giving you access to online wellbeing training content.

You’ll also book mutually convenient monthly mentoring sessions which are designed to review, encourage & inspire you to higher levels of performance and wellbeing than you’d otherwise be able to achieve on your own.  

'Create Profitable Happiness' Owner/GMs Group Program
Performance & Wellbeing
(inc 2 x GLWS)

The link below will take you through to the group program page. 

We offer this group program mainly for single-site & small multi-site group Owers/CEOs/GMs

We help transform performance & wellbeing for greater prosperity, happiness & freedom.


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