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You’re a hospitality business owner/CEO. You lead an existing single-site venue or a multi-site group.

You may be facing challenges around money, time & energy:-

Your business may have been shut down or severely restricted by COVID measures…

Your sales may have fallen and that’s impacted your cashflow and profitability

Your debt / borrowings may have blown out to record levels…

You may have guarantees on loans, your lease and key suppliers…

…which may be called upon if you don’t pay your debts

Even before COVID…

…you may have been working too many hours for too little reward…

…you may not have a strategic plan to guide you to build your business value…

…you may not have taken a holiday for some time…

…you may not be spending time with your family & loved ones…

…you may not have been able to get-stuff-done, with a to-do list that just gets longer

…you may not have a team to delegate to

…you may find it difficult to recruit and/or retain staff…

…you may be exhausted, lacking energy & vitality…

…you may find it difficult to get a good nights sleep & rejuvenate…

…you may not be eating well, eating healthy and maybe carrying extra weight

…you may be on your way to serious health issues

…and if you don’t fix this you may die before your time

So, this means…

You may be in fear of failing

…of losing everything

…not knowing how this will play out for your family or other loved ones…

…not just losing your business

…your home is on the line

…you’ve never had a challenge like this and you’re not sure what to do next

…you know you need help and you’re ready to take responsibility & take action…in order to transform this situation

We can help you transform your current situation and get you on a journey to Create Profitable Happiness.

We work with you to stabilise your current situation…and take you through a process that teaches you how to grow your business and balance your wellbeing so you can have prosperity, happiness & freedom.

We inspire & encourage you and we show you exactly how to move forward, to get the results you need to have the life you desire.

What is Profitable Happiness?

What might your life be like if:-

  • you paid yourself what you are worth?
  • your business was worth far more than you expect?
  • you had a leadership team capable of growing your business?
  • you had more time away from your business?
  • you could spend more time with loved ones?
  • you were less stressed and more likely to live longer?
  • you had more chance of achieving financial independence if not freedom?

If you’re missing any of these things, then this masterclass might help you learn how to have them, experience them and enjoy them. How to Create Profitable Happiness!

David Carruthers, your host for this masterclass, spent 12 years as an entrepreneur, building a multiple business & property group, becoming a multi-millionaire within 5 years.

At the 5 year point, David took his family for a 3-month trip around Europe, running his business remotely having built a leadership team and systems that enabled him to do this.

He was also elected by his peers to be president of a business chamber for 4 years and later, founding president of a tourism association for 2 years. He helped countless business owners move forward and grow their businesses in these voluntary roles.

Before his entrepreneurial period, he worked in large multi-site groups in the UK (2500-4500 venue companies) in senior roles including being headhunted from London to Melbourne as CEO of what would become Australia’s second-largest hospitality group, building it from scratch as a subsidiary of one of Australia’s largest corporates.

David has over 30 years of demonstrated success in big business and SMEs. He brings together a unique mix of skills, knowledge & experience, especially in leadership, strategy, systems & wellbeing.

He learnt about wellbeing when he lost his! 5 hospitalisations in 12-months cost him about $10m and almost cost him his life. It took him 2-3 years to refill his health & wellbeing cup.

He now dedicates his time to helping other SME owners gain balance between growth & wellbeing, transforming both to Create Profitable Happiness.

David helps SME owners move forward, helping you realise your dreams, guiding you to transform the performance of your business so you can live the life you desire…

During this masterclass, David will show you his 7-Step process to Create Profitable Happiness

He will show you how to:-

  1. Stabilise – minimise losses, simplify operation ahead of changes
  2. Analyse – current performance, opportunities, strategic options
  3. Visualise – what your chosen strategic option & life looks like going forward
  4. Strategise – plan how you’re going to bring your vision to life effectively
  5. Systemise – drive efficiency, consistency, ease of delivery
  6. Synchronise – connect the elements of your business evolution ecosystem
  7. Optimise – review, tweak, action, review, tweak, action….

Through this process you’ll do work on these component parts of your business model:-

  1. Get Clarity Around A Purpose That’s Bigger Than You That Will Engage Your Staff
  2. Focus On A Strategy That Grows Your Business To Increase Income & Time
  3. Build A Leadership Team Who Will Run Your Day-To-Day Business Operations
  4. Drive A Challenging Performance Culture That Brings Accountability & Results
  5. Work Smarter Not Harder So You Live A Healthier, Longer & Happier Life

Join David for about an hour and take part in the live Q&A at the end of the presentation…


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